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Large Scale Calorimeter patent application(patent application no.
Cone Calorimeter patent application(patent application no.10-20056061)
Selected for 'Technology Innovation Development Project(strategic
project)' of R&D support policy by the Small & Medium Business
Factory registration(Korea Industrial Complex Corp.)
Registered goods and foreign capital as qualifications for competitive
bidding(to the Public Procurement Service)
Joined technical membership in the Korea Research Institute of Standards
and Science(KRISS)
Concluded technical contract with the Korea Institute of Construction
Smoke tester patent application(application no. 10-2008-0075589,
Patent application for the incombustible material flame-retardancy tester
(patent application no. 10-2005-0065068)
Completed development of Non-comb 2005(Non-flammable          Incombustibility Tester)
Completed development of LTOI 2005 (Oxygen Index Tester)
Completed development of UL-94 AVH Chamber (Plastic Flammability          Tester)
Completed development of Mouse Tester 2005
Completed development of NES 713 (Toxicity Index Tester)
Concluded a technical transfer agreement with the Korea Research          Institute of Standards and Science(“KRISS”)
Completed development of Auto Flash Point Tester
Selected as a partner of the ‘Technical Transfer Development Project’          hosted by the Small & Medium Business Administration as a part of          the government R&D support policy
Completed development of ISO 5659 Assembly Tester
Completed development of Room Corner Tester
Registered patent for Non-flammable Incombustibility Tester
Completed development of Large Sale Calorimeter 3MW
Attracted investment from the Korea Development Bank and increased          the capital
Moved the office building of company
Completed development of Single Burning Items
Selected as an eClean workplace
Registered patent for Non-flammable Incombustibility Tester (Patent          Registration No.: 10-0629150)
Registered patent for Cone Calorimeter (Patent Registration No.: 10-         0686374)
Registered patent for Smoke Tester (Patent Registration No.: 10-         0709754, 10-0709755)
Acquired a Certificate of Venture Firm (Certificate No.: 20070300169)
Adopted as a Good Success Story for the ‘Technology Innovation          Development Project’ hosted by the Small and Medium Business          Administration in 2005
Completed development of Thermal Characteristic Analyzer
Completed development of IMO (Spread of Flame Tester)
Completed development of 45 Degree Flammability Tester
Completed development of IEC 60754-1&2 (Halogen, PH & Conductivity          Tester)
Completed development of Cone Calorimeter 3 Step Temperature          Controller
Completed development of Flame Durability Tester
Completed development of Time & Pressure tester
Received an award of the Chairman of KIBO Technology Fund in the          Entrepreneur Festival Korea 2007
Completed development of Room Corner Tester (ISO 9705, ISO 13784,
         ASTM E 1537)
        ; Furniture calorimeter / Medium scale calorimeter : 3 MW
Completed development of Fire testing equipment series of IEC (Intern-
        ational Electrotechnical Commission)
        ; IEC 60332-3, IEC 60331, IEC 61034, IEC 60754-1&2
Completed development of Respiratory Protective Device Tester for
        (FESTEC INT' developed Respiratory Protective Device Tester 1th in
        the whole of world of European standards)
        ; united tester quipment of EN 145, EN400, EN 1146, EN13794
Joined CISMEF 2006 (China International Small & Medium Enterprise Fair)
        in Guangzhou China International Exhibition
Contract a Agency with FKA CO., Ltd of IRAN
Completed development of Flooring Radient Panel Tester (ISO 9239,
        ASTM E 648, ASTM E 970
Acquired a certificated of Inno-Biz of SMBA (The Small & Medium Busine-
        ss Administration) ; (Certificate No. : 080101-03779)

Acquired a certificated of ISO 9001 : 2008 "Quality management systems"
         ; (Certificate No. : QI9678/09)
Acquired a certificated ofISO 14001 : 2004 "Environmental management
        systems" ; (Certificate No. : EI4108/09)
Joined CISILE 2009 (China International Scientific Instrument and
        Laboratory Equipment Exhibition) in Beijing China International Exhibition
Acquired a certificated of "FESTEC INTERNATIONAL Reaserch Institute"
         ; (Certificate No. : 2009110518)
Joined G-Fair 2009 (Global, Great, Good Fair) in KINTEX south of Korea.
         ; (Certificate No. : 2009110518)