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Flame Durability Tester, Reach items hazard Tester by ISO 9038, FDT 2007, Flame Durability Tester, KS M ISO 9038
FESTEC’s Flame Durability Tester is tester is used to evaluate continuous combustion of liquid hazardous material if the material is heated at 60.5℃ and 75℃ under condition and is exposed to flame.
FESTEC’s Flame Durability Tester measures continuous combustion of the subject material if the material is heated under the test conditions and is exposed to flame.
In this tester, a metal block with the dented part, a kind of sample base, is heated up to a given temperature, test materials with unit volume is moved to the sample base, and standard flame is applied and removed under specific conditions. Continuous fame durability of the test material is recorded.
The recorded time allows determining flame is sustainable at a given temperature.

• KS M ISO 9038
Test for sustained combustibility of liquids
• EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restricton of CHemicals)
① Heating Plate: It was made to be heated at a range of 100±0.5℃
② Thermocouple: It can correctly and precisely measure temperature of heating plate by using K-type Thermocouple.
③ Timer: It automatically shows combustion time and sustained time in the set time
④ Atmospheric Pressure Gauge : It measures atmospheric pressure of the current laboratory
⑤ Gas Control Valve: It adjusts flame length by controlling gas flow
Size 490 (w) × 150 (D) × 410 (H)
Power 220 V AC, 60 Hz, 10 A
Weight 20 kg
Utilities Butane Gas, Thermocouple
• K-type Thermocouple for automatic measurement of temperature
• Temp Controller for automatic temperature control
• Timer for setting durability of temperature and sustained time of flame
• Flame Moving System for moving flame to the sample base, so it can move to the flame exactly place.
• Block containing the sample base to test the sample
• Gas Holder for attaching portable Butane Gas
• Atmospheric Pressure for automatically measure the current atmospheric pressure
• Solenoid Valve for controlling Gas On/Off: Easy to control gas
• Gas Control Valve for controlling gas flow: It can be adjusting flame length control
ᆞ Test shall be performed three times. The following items shall be observed and recorded in each test.
   a) Check ignition of testing part or continuous combustion and flash before moving the flame to be tested into the test position.
   b) Check whether the testing part is ignited while the flame to be tested is placed in the test position.
     If it is ignited, check how long combustion is sustained after the flame to be tested is returned to the “off” position.
ᆞ Sample is determined non-sustained combustion (Pass) or sustained combustion (Fail).
If any test sample involves one of the followings, it shall be recorded sustained combustion in a specific heating time.

1) If it is placed at a 45 degree angle away from the sample base (off), observation and recording shall be performed when test sample is ignited.
2) If the flame to be tested is sustained for 15 seconds in the test position, observation and recording shall be performed when test sample is ignited and combustion is sustained over 15 seconds after moving the flame to be tested into the position at a 45 degree angle away from the sample base (off).