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Test on Gas Evolved during combustion of electric cables tester, Cable Halogen, PH & Conductivity Tester, HCT-717, IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2, KS C IEC 60754-1, KS C IEC 60754-2, KWS 409 (5.12)
FESTEC’s IEC 60754-1&2 Tester measures gas volume of Halogen Acid (IEC 60754-1), pH concentration(PH Meter, Hydrogen ions, IEC 60754-2), Conductivity(IEC 60754-2) and etc from a wire (cable) by radiant heat in the Tube Furnace (IEC 60754-1: 800°c, IEC 60754-2: 950°c)
Especially, FESTEC’s IEC 60754-1&2 is enable to test both IEC 60754-1 and IEC 60754-2 standards by one equipment and mode select function.
IEC 60754-1 is halogen-free cable came from and including the polymer to halogenated compounds on the basis of the additive compounds emitted during combustion, except the fluoridation hydracids, it is measure for gas of halogen volume, IEC 60754-2 for electrical or optical cable from compounds emitted during the combustion of measure the gas of oxidation limit.  These FESTEC’s IEC 60754-1&2 Tester is required by IEC standard.  About reproducibility of the test, reliability and convenience of the user to insert the automatic feed devices for combustion boat, turning-rail for easy to put the specimen, the setting of automatic timer, air-filtering and etc. this is all feature of FESTEC’S IEC 60754-1&2.

• IEC 60754-1 Ed. 2.0 b:1994
   Test on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables - Part 1: Determination of the amount of halogen acid gas
• IEC 60754-2 Ed. 1.0 b:1991
  Test on gases evolved during combustion of electric cables - Part 2: Determination of degree of acidity of gases evolved during the combustion of materials taken from    electric cables by measuring pH and conductivity
• KS C IEC 60754-1
  Tests on gases evolved during combustion of electric cables – Part 1: Measurement of the amount of halogen acid     gas
• KS C IEC 60754-2
  Tests on gases evolved during combustion of electric cables – Part 2: Corrosiveness test by generating combustion
• KWS 409 : Wire of Fire Resistance (Fire-Resistence) - 5.12 Causticity for Combustion gas
① Tube Furnace
: For heating section of furnace, its length is 500mm and inner diameter is 40mm.
It also contains electrically controllable heating system (Temperature Controller).
② Tube (Pyrex)
: Fire resistant tube is used in the furnace to protect tube against corrosive gases. The tube is made in silicon dioxide fire-proofing agent.
Inner diameter of silica tube is 38mm and the length of tube is 150mm from the entrance of furnace and tube is protruded in a distance of 100mm from the exit.
③ Combustion Boat
  Panel made in grinded alumina was used. Dimensions of combustion boat are as follows.
  Length : 98mm / Width  : 15mm / Depth  : 12mm
Each boat is used only three times before combustion or recycling. (It shall be cleaned after it is used three times.)
④ Gas Washing Bottle
Height of liquid in the end of tube shall be 100 ~ 120mm in each bottle.
⑤ Air Supply System
  Gas used for combustion shall be air and flow rate of air injected into the tube shall be adjusted according to the actual inner cross section of tube. The speed of air flowing across the sample shall be 378ml/min ±10%.
Size 1,220 mm (W) × 450 mm (D) × 560 mm (H)
* Funace : 500 mm (wide), 300 mm (Dia'), 38 mm (Inner dia')
* Quartz glass tube : 700 mm (wide), 37 mm (Inner dia')
Power 220 V AC, 60 Hz, 10 A
Weight 60 kg
Utilities Air Compressor
• Activated Charcoal (air filtering): Filter for filtering the supplied air (activated charcoal)
• Silica Gel (air drying): Device for drying the supplied air
• Pyrex tube rail: Easy to insert specimen to prex furnace tube and prevent broken this tube
• Combustion Boat Moving Device: Device for moving combustion boat manually.
• Mode S/W: Mode conversion switch (Test method of IEC 60754-1&2 could be selected.)
• Alarm Temperature Controller: Temp controller to protect overheating of furnace
• Timer: Device for measuring time in experiment per IEC 60754-1 or IEC 60754-2
• Drawer: Device for storing test instruments (Example : Conductivity Meter & PH Meter, etc.)
• Tube is using fire resistance tube made for resist silicon dioxide for protect form the corrosion gas
• Inside the Furnace of measuring central-temperature Thermocouple for plating by platinum
• Put specimen easily, and protect for frequent brokenness, it installed for rail
• During test, made by combustion boat can move to automatically, end of test combustion boat move to outside Furnace automatically
• Avoid overheating of Furnace for it instill the Alarm Temperature Controller
• Magnet Stirrer: Stirrer for mixing combustion gas in distilled water
• PH(Potential of Hydrogen) : Measuring for Oxygen, it supply for PH Meter
• Conductivity meter: Device for measuring conductivity of combustion gas
• Measurement of the amount of halogen Acid gas [It is displayed in milligram of HCl per gram of the measured sample.] (The amount of Halogen Acid)
• Corrosiveness test by generating combustion gases
• Average value: Users have to test 3 test times and get values shall be measured and mean value, standard deviation, coefficient of variation shall be calculated.
(Calculate the average value, standard deviation and coefficient of Variation.)
• pH Concentration of weight
• Conductivity of weight