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Noxious Gas Tester By Mouse, KS F 2271 Chapter.3
FESTEC’s Mouse Tester measures a certain time (action stopping time) of white rat’s reaction by noxious gases (HCN, HCL) from test specimen that is exposed by heat in the chamber.
This test mainly follows up KS F 2271 Chapter 3 standards and is used in internal materials of building and fire-retardant test for structure.
Also, extra gas analysis device can be attached to Mouse Tester gas port and measures gases (HCN, HCL) characteristic.

KS F 2271 Chapter.3
Testing method for incombustibility of internal finish material and element of buildings chapter.3
① Agitating box: Makes smoke evenly distributed as well as measures temperature of smoke generated from heating  
② Test box: Makes an experimental rat inhale smoke generated from test sample  
③ Heating furnace: Composed of electric heat of the major heat source and LPG gas of the minor heat source
④ Exhaust temperature sensor: Measures smoke temperature(K-type)
⑤ Agitating motor: Uniformly mixes smoke generated from sample by the fan  
⑥ Filter: Prevents foreign substances included in smoke from damaging the pump
⑦ Mouse wheel & tray: Composed of mouse wheel, accss sensor, and tray (easily separable)  
⑧ Control panel: Power switch, emergency switch, voltage adjustment volume of the heater, equipment status LED
⑨ Flowmeter: Adjusts LP gas and air flow  
⑩ Door for the agitating box and test box  
⑪ Data Acquisition Board & Control PC
Size 1,300(w) × 600(D) × 1,800(H)
Power 220 V AC, 60 Hz, 15 A
Weight 210 kg
Manual Supplied
Exhaust 70 l/s
Utilities Propane Gas, Personal Computer, Hood & Duct, Blower
1. Equipment specification exactly complying with the standard
2. Acquires one temperature datum and one rat action datum per second
3. Enables remote control by installing PC in an independent space
4. Enables independent test for standard sample and test sample  
5. Enables user to randomly adjust test schedule  
6. Enables individual control of the equipment on the program(convenient maintenance)  
7. Checks the computer status in the equipment when the computer is down for emergency stop and alarm  
8. Supplies LP gas without operating the igniter in individually controlling the equipment for emergency stop and alarm
9. Prevents flame from flowing backward when igniting mixed gases  
10. 2-stage filter to protect the discharge system  
11. Mixes LP gas and air  
12. Surface hardness of the chamber by coating(easy maintenance, highly resistant to chemicals)  
13. Endurance of the gas agitator by coating(easy maintenance, highly resistant to chemicals)
14. Connetor facilitating separation and attachment of the mouse wheel tray(simple cleaning)
15. Facilitates separation and attachment of the stack and T/C in the agitating box(simple cleaning)
16. Rear cover capable of heating test up to the thickness of 150mm
17. Insulation with high endurance against heating
18. Highly-anticorrosive heater in the test box
19. Sample port to collect combustion gas
20. Force exhaust system of combustion gas after test is finished
① Measures rat’s action by rotation of the Mouse wheel
② Rat condition measurement time  
③ Major heat source heating time  
④ Minor heat source heating time  
⑤ Stack temperature
⑥ Testing box temperature