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3M Cube Smoke Density Tester(IEC 61034)
FESTEC’s 3 Meter Smoke Density Tester is the testing equipment measuring the smoke generated when the cable or optical cable is placed horizontally and burn under definite fire resource in the specified condition (3m3 chamber required by IEC61034). This equipment is important to measure the smoke generation from the value of light source penetration through the smoke generated when the cable exposed to the specified standard fire source (ethanol 90±1%, methanol 4±1% and distilled water 6±1%) 1L±0.01L is burned.

IEC 61034 - 1 & 2
- Measurement of Smoke density of cables burning under defined condition
- part 1 : Test apparatus
- part 2 : Test procedure and requirements
BS 6853
- Code of practice for fire precautions in design and construction of passenger
carrying trains
- Frame dimension : 3,000(W) × 3,000(D) × 3,000(H)
- Frame material : Stainless Steel SUS 301
- Transparent sealed window : 100 × 100 mm
- Foundation Fixed : Fixture unit
- Light Source Power : DC12V, 100W
- Light Source Focus Angle : 48˚ - 4.5˚
- Light Source Focus Intensity : 1:20
- Photo Cell Diameter : Ø45 mm
- Photo Cell Cell Type : Selenium Cell
- Exhaust Blower Fan Flow : 7 m3/min ~ 15 m3/min
- Exhaust Blower Size : 246(W) x 220(D) x 205(H) mm
- Exhaust Blower Material : Stainless Steel (Inner Fan)
- Exhaust Blower Power : AC220V, 60Hz, φ1, 210W
- Exhaust Blower Flow Rate(max) : 8.0㎥/min
- Auto Control Damper for Exhaust
; Power : AC220V, 60Hz
; Torque : normal 300kg.f.cm , max 480 kf.f.cm
; Rotation Angle : 0~90˚ ± 5˚
; Wind Velocity : ≤ 15m/sec
- Control Rack Dimension : (W) 730 X (D) 650 X (H) 1,400
Size 1,000(w) ×  2,000(D) ×  4,000(H)
Power 220 V AC, 60 Hz, 15 A
Weight About 500 kg
Utilities Propane Gas Valve System, Ignition System
- Chamber internal area is 3000mm±30mm and it’s structured as Cubic Enclosure with appropriate fixed iron frame angle
- It’s configured with a door with test glass windows and in both faces of the opposite side there’s a sealed transparent window (minimum 100mmX100mm) with a horizontal light measure system that allows light penetration.
- Designed to prevent direct sunlight exposure and severe weather change in Enclosure.
- Photocell and Light Source are located in the middle part of both windows of the wall surface in the opposite side to avoid physical contact.
- A lamp to provide regular light is installed.
- Two types of auto Filter system (Carrusel) are installed to automatically calibrate the transmissivity of light.
- The reduction of light by smoke is measured using Photocell.
- In order to verify accordingly the intensity of radiation to measure light change by self-emission, the equipment has been designed to fit various kind of filter in the Light Source.  
- Support system to allow separate fitting of Light Source and Photocell in the outer wall.
-The Light Source is a halogen lamp with a clean crystal lamp and tungsten filament.
- Average power : 100W, Average voltage: DC12v, Average velocity of light : 2000 lm~3000 lm, and Average color temperature : 2800K~3200K.
- The Receptor Photocell is selenium or silicone type and has a spectrum reaction conform to Photopic Observer (similar to a human eye) of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).
- A heating system is installed within the cube to swiftly match the standard temperature (25℃±5℃) in the initial test.
- We seek tester’s safety and convenience through an Auto ignition system.
- Flameout time(min)
- Time to max Ao
- Min light transmittance (%)
- Add photo feature of carbonization area