Fire Fighter gloves waterproof tester, FGW-828, EN 659-3.16, KFI FIS009-9
FESTEC’s Fire Fighter Gloves Waterproof tester measures waterproofing performance of fire-fighter gloves when it put in 34 dynes/cm of aqueous solution, it measures detection of leakage

• EN 659-3.16:  Resistance of glove material to water penetration
• KFI FIS009-9: When wear Fire-safe glove and should not leakage, put into aqueous solution with surface tension under 34dynes/cm.
• Main Frame
  Dimension : 450mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 600mm(H)
  Material : SS41C(Powder Coating)

• Test Cylinder
  Dimension : Ø90mm(ID) x 300mm(H) / Thickness 5mm
  Material : Tempered Glass

• Jig Plate
  Dimension : Ø110mm / Thickness20mm
  Material : Teflon Plate

• Jig Moving System
  Air Cylinder - Warranty Pressure : 16kgf/cm2

• Water Bath
   Dimension : 150mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 200mm(H)

• Manometer : 0 ~ 1,000psi
Size 450(w) ×  400(D) ×  600(H)
Power 220 V AC, 60 Hz, 10 A
Weight 35 kg
• Power and air supply device are all in one type that gives easy to install.
• Used an air-pressured jig so that there is no leakage in the air inserted into the glove.
• Air supply range is enable up to 0 ~ 1kPa.
• It is made in a tempered glass tub that is size is 150x400x200mm, and can control water temperature.
• Test Cylinder that is made of tempered glass tub size is Φ90(ID)x300(H)mm, thickness is 10mm.
• In order to enhance safety and convenience of users, the equipment is controlled with a Foot S/W.
• When wearing the KFI FIS 009-9 Fire-safe glove and should not leak when soaking in  aqueous solution with surface tension under 34dynes/cm.