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Cone Calorimeter ISO 5660, Lab' scale calorimeter : Avg, 10~500 KW/m2, ASTM E 1354, BS 476 Pt.15
Cone Calorimeter measures heat release rate(H.R.R), smoke release, ignition time, oxygen consumption, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide generation and  mass loss rate when specimen is exposed to resource of conical heater.
The name of Cone Calorimeter is derived from the conical heater as used by Dr. Vytenis Babrauskas to inspect test specimen (100㎜×100㎜) with flux up to 100㎾/㎡ for the bench scale oxygen depletion of his development.
Cone Calorimeter test is based on the theory that pure combustion calories are in proportion to a necessary amount of oxygen for combustion and 13.1 MJ/kg is generated whenever oxygen 1kg is consumed, and heat emission, ignition time, oxygen consumption, CO and CO2 generation, and flow of ignited gases as generated from test materials are measured..
FESTEC’s Cone calorimeter is made for easily controlling the whole parts with DAQ (Data Acquisition) Program in a laboratory. And 19” touch screen helps to test automatically as well as reduce installation space.
Additionally, FESTEC’s Conical Heater 5 Step Temperature Controller (optional part for R&D purpose) helps to measure combustion characteristic about specimen by temperature change and temperature rising time after setting up virtual temperature of real fire conditions. This option helps to measure various results similar to real fire environment. User can set up the user's temperature, rising speed and lasting time after rising with 5 Step Temperature Controller and use easily. This part is the only FESTEC has it.

• ISO 5660 : Reaction to fire tests – Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate
• ASTM E 1354 : Standard Test Method for Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates for Materials and Products Using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter
• BS 476 Pt.15 : Fire tests on building materials and structures – Method for measuring the rate of heat release of products
Size 1,800(W) × 900(D) × 2,650(H)
Power 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 A
Weight 450 kg
Manual Supplied
Exhaust 50 l/s
Utilities Compressed Air, Methane, Nitrogen, CO/CO2 Mixing Gas, Dust Collector
• Integrated body and 19” analysis rack
• 17” touch screen panel type PC for the whole control and automatic testing
• Automatic Spark Igniter to facilitate measurement of ignition time  
• Auto Split Shutter automatically opened to transmit radiation to the sample  
• Absorber-type glass protection door to facilitate sample observation during test and opening and closing
• UK Servomex’s Gas Analyzer to exactly measure O2, CO, and CO2 concentrations up to 0.02%
• Port, heated filter, and heated line to measure toxic gases
• MFC(Mass Flow Controller) used for all gas flows, improving accuracy of and automatically controlling flux
• Portable water cooling system without need for waterworks and plumbing when using the Heat Fluxmeter (for ISO 5660)
• UK RS’ Load Cell with improved accuracy to measure mass loss rate
• CC 2006 DAQ(Data Acquisition) Program controllable with the touch screen panel PC
• Heat Flux, Unit: kW/m2
• Exhaust duct flow rate, Unit: l/s
• C factor, Unit:1/kg․m․K
• Ignition time and Extinguisment time, Unit: s
• Total oxygen consumption, Unit: g
• Total Smoke Release, Unit: m/m2
• Mass loss and Mass loss rate, Unit: g, g/s
• Heat release rate, Unit: MJ/kg, kw/m2
• Effective heat of combustion, Unit: MJ/kg
• Carbon monoxide yield, Unit: kg/kg
• Carbon dioxide yield, Unit: kg/kg